About You

You’re looking for some help infusing your life with a greater sense of spiritual connection and wisdom.

Maybe you’re Jewish, and looking for a different way to do Judaism. One that affirms and inspires you as you are, without judgement.

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Or you’ve recently had a spiritual awakening, something new or even a little scary to you, and you just want some guidance as you become more attuned to this part of who you are.

Maybe you’re a couple (of any sexual orientation, gender identities, or religious and cultural backgrounds, we embrace all!) who would like some guidance on how to make relationship a spiritual practice from two people who have built a life together for over four decades.

Or you could be parents, new or experienced, who are similarly looking for spiritual guidance in your parenting, from two veterans in that respect; four adult children who all turned out pretty awesome, if we do say so ourselves!

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Maybe you’re a Rabbi yourself, or clergyperson of any tradition, who feels the urgent need to engage in deeply meaningful inter and intra-faith dialogue and partnership, to work together in healing the divides between and within our many traditions.

Or you have a congregation that is beautiful and connected by all means, but you want to somehow infuse it with a new and exciting spark of spirituality.

You could be any age. Elders ready to embrace the reality and see the beauty of your later years and accept your new role as a Sage. Young spiritual seekers, wishing to engage in a multigenerational exchange of wisdom that’s both enlightening and affirming.

Whatever your identity, your background, your previous level of spiritual engagement or religious education –

We see you. We affirm you. And we’re here for you.