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Rabbis Nadya and Victor Gross, photo by Connie Reider

We use our 48+ years of relationship – both romantically and professionally – as a model and foundation in working with couples, parents, and communities, as well as individual seekers. We offer direction, mentorship, and partnership, as well as seminars, classes, and residencies that provide tools for spiritual growth and transformation.

Rabbi Nadya is here for you when you want to cultivate a relationship with God and to develop a deeper understanding of your responsibility and relationship with creation. Through spiritual direction and transmission of the wisdom tradition of her lineage, she will guide you in enhancing your self awareness and understanding your own soul’s evolution. She also brings her many years of experience and expansive heart as a compassionate midwife to those who are dying, or have a loved one who is in that process. She teaches individuals to confront their mortality in order to live a life full of meaning.

Rabbi Victor is a scholar who combines his vast knowledge and education with the deep wisdom he received from his mentors of blessed memory, Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel and Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi, to foster the continuation of their prophetic visions. Through teaching, scholarship, mentorship, and collaboration with like-minded institutions, he advances their work in dialogical dialogue, mutually affirming interfaith collaboration, social justice, and environmental consciousness.

TRabbis Nadya and Victor Gross, photo by Connie Reiderogether, we infuse and affirm our work and roles as Rabbis and spiritual guides with the following values:

  • Deep Ecumenism – The philosophy coined by Dr. Mathew Fox and developed by Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi that the most imperative work of all faith traditions today is to engage with, affirm, embrace, and even learn from each other.
  • Eco-Consciousness – The understanding that the earth and all living beings on it are not objects for us to use, nor are they disjointed or disconnected. Rather, we are all here together and have a responsibility to care for one another and ensure a healthy and thriving environment for future generations.
  • Open and Affirming – Who you love, how you express yourself, and even how you’d like people to address you is your right and your choice. We accept you, and celebrate who you are.
  • Paradigm Shift – With each generation, with each passing day, the world is gifted with new wisdom that guides us in our social and spiritual awareness. We choose to embrace our ever shifting reality with joy and holy curiosity, even as we maintain a deeply meaningful relationship with our ancient heritage.